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Walk The Line… Between Sweet And Savory

Walnut-sage cake with tangerine-infused whipped cream, supremed tangerine, fresh blackberries and sage blossoms

When I meet people who claim they don’t enjoy dessert, I generally A) tell them they’re crazy, then B) ask them why. The response they give usually includes that most of the treats they’ve indulged in are either too sweet, or that they’ll simply just never compare to the [insert favorite sweet here] their grandmother, mother, great […]

Irish You Were Here – Irish Soda Bread, Oakland Style

Honestly, this an entirely appropriate treat to have around at any point in the year

I’ve been baking for a long time – for decades, actually – and I’ve finally accepted the truth: I am incapable of letting traditional recipes just be what they are. That’s not necessarily a good or bad thing, to be honest. If a traditional, by-the-book rendition of an old classic is necessary for a meal, my […]