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Crazy/Beautiful/Delicious – Individual Blenheim Apricot Tartelettes

Individual apricot-pecan tartelette

When baking, I have the unfortunate habit of either taking the long way or the even longer way to make sweets. Oscillating between the desire to make something delicious from great produce entirely by hand and an ironic sense of laziness that results in the final product taking even more time to make, most of my desserts end […]

When Life Hands You Lemons – (Mostly) Baking-Free Tips

When life gives you lemons, get crafty and make something delicious

It’s an eventuality of being a living, breathing human will be handed a few – or a bushel of – lemons during their lifetime. At some point everyone will feel like most (if not all) of the wheels are falling off of their wagon. I know that feeling, and it sucks. However, I’ve also found that openly […]