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Eyes On The Pies – Bergamot Meringue Pie

Stiff peaks

My favorite citrus fruit, the bergamot orange, is still circulating the in Bay Area markets, so here’s another idea of what to do with these tart and floral little gems: put them in a pie! The sourness of a bergamot orange is pretty on par with the sourness of a lemon, so bergamot juice lends […]

Shaker It Off – Bergamot-Meyer Lemon Shaker Tart

Macerating Meyer lemons and bergamot

I’m not sure what it is about bergamot that gets me all in a tizzy every year. Maybe it’s my longstanding love of Earl Grey tea and it’s underlying bergamot citrus notes,  the fact that bergamot oranges are in season for such a short period of time that if you blink they’re gone, or that they’re just […]