Oakland Bakes: Organic Cakes From Farm to Oven.

Oakland Bakes creates hand-crafted seasonal and locally sourced special occasion and wedding cakes.
Free of fondant and artificial dyes since day one.

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Visit Oakland Bakes At The Bold Italic’s Wedding Expo – Love/Make!

Love/Make is coming! Soooooooon....

This coming Sunday April 27th is the day! Which day? The day that the Bold Italic is taking over the gorgeous Terra Gallery  with their very own unique wedding expo, Love/Make! If you’re planning an upcoming Bay Area wedding or are just really fascinated by weddings and the culture that surrounds them, this is the place for you […]

May The Flavor Be Ever In Your Favor

May the endless options for a cake flavor be ever in your favor.

Imagine for a moment, if you will, the perfect cake. What is that comprised of? Obviously, the delicious factor is key, but what else makes a cake entirely memorable and leaves you just wanting more? At Oakland Bakes, we are convinced that the perfect cake must be balanced – supple cake layers, smooth and luscious […]