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Oakland Bakes creates hand-crafted seasonal and locally sourced special occasion and wedding cakes.
Free of fondant and artificial dyes since day one.

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A Wedding Cake For Emily And Ralph – Keeping It In The (Kitchener) Family


Happy holiday season to all of our favorite readers! If this time of year is about nothing else, it’s perfect for reflecting upon the friends and support groups we’ve made along the way and what they mean to us. As such, today’s incredibly special featured wedding stars some of our favorite bakers and makers whom […]

A Succulent Organic Cake For A Southern Bride

Vanilla pound cake with fresh strawberries and lemon buttercream

Despite the announcement made regarding Oakland Bakes’ future last week, we still have a few more creative and beautiful weddings to share with you while we round out the remainder of 2014! Back in October, we had the amazing opportunity to bake a cake that we’d not previously turned into a wedding cake for two […]